It all started with a love of pasta.

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This is our best seller, Dr. Noodles fettuccine goes with everything, our favorite is with chicken noodle soup!! For best results with soup add noodles to the soup as you need them, several hours of high heat will diminish the quality of the noodle.

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As we have demoed to thousands of customers the most often heard comment is, “I’m Italian, diagnosed with Celiac, and do I ever miss my spaghetti and meatballs”. No longer, Dr. Noodles spaghetti tastes just like your regular semolina/wheat pasta, YOU ARE BACK!!

From $69.99


This garbanzo bean based macaroni tastes just like real wheat pasta!! Yes, you can have mac n cheese again, and feel good. With all the fiber and protein it is very hearty and holds well. It is a great idea for cold salads, maybe the only gluten free pasta that doesn’t fall apart when stirred in cold salad or reheated!

From $69.99