About Us

It All Started With a Love for Pasta

Here is our story as Brenda wrote it when we started the company in 2014.

“I have enjoyed eating pasta most of my life. Unfortunately, in 2011 I became ill and found that I could no longer eat anything that contained grains. At that point I had set out trying every pasta on the market, none of which I found tasty.

So, into my kitchen I went. After trying different flours, garbanzo flour worked and tasted the best.

Garbanzo beans are one of the healthiest foods we can eat. It is a favorite of ours in chicken noodle soup and with marinara sauce.

Today, I want to share it with all of you who have missed good pasta; I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do”


Today, July of 2016, we have established ourselves in multiple co-ops and stores across Wisconsin and Minnesota. Not only do celiacs and gluten sensitive people get to eat good, healthy pasta again but we have found that because of the high fiber content of Dr. Noodles diabetics are big fans, (always test to see how it affects your blood sugar as our bodies process differently), as it digests slowly and generally does not spike blood sugar.

With this new e commerce website everyone across the United States can enjoy Dr. Noodles garbanzo bean pasta.

Brenda was diagnosed with Lyme disease which we believe led to all of these problems and is doing well. She is always looking for alternatives in the grain free lifestyle and we will continue to produce outstanding gluten free, grain free pasta.

To your good health!!

Dr. Brenda and Steve Frazier

Changing how the world eats, one noodle at time!