Gluten Free Pasta Sampler

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Eight Boxes of Pasta 9 Oz (255g) Boxes of Pasta
Delivery date: 1-2 days

Three boxes of Fettuccine - Three boxes of Elbow Macaroni - Two boxes of Spaghetti


This pasta only takes minutes to cook from frozen in boiling water, the hardest part is boiling the water!!

What makes us different:

  • Dr. Noodles is not only gluten free but also grain free, the main ingredient is garbanzo bean flour

  • We are non-GMO, which means that all of our ingredients are NOT genetically modified

  • Dr. Noodles has no soy, dairy, or nuts

  • The complex carbs tend not to spike blood sugar. If you are diabetic this may be a great option to be able to eat pasta again. If so, please test your blood sugar after trying Dr. Noodles since every body processes food differently and you can determine how this fiber rich pasta affects your blood sugar.

Ingredient list:

  • Non-GMO garbanzo bean flour

  • Non-GMO arrowroot starch/flour

  • Non-GMO xanthan gum

  • Organic eggs

All products sold as packages.