Dr. Noodles by Brenda, groundbreaking gluten free, grain free, garbanzo bean pasta start up ships nationwide

Friday, April 13, 2018

When owner Dr. Brenda Frazier discovered in 2014 that she was not only had celiac-disease but an all grain sensitive, reality set in no more pasta forever? As celiac-disease and gluten intolerances have become more common in our society, our diets have become very narrow in what we can and cannot eat. After a lifetime of cooking for her family and friends, the joy of cooking suddenly wasn’t there anymore.

The options of products on the market that meet the taste and quality didn’t exist from almond flour to coconuts the flavor wasn’t there. Which lead Dr. Brenda to begin testing several non-grain flours. She then learned garbanzo bean flour or chickpeas, had great wheat pasta like texture, neutral flavor, and were very hearty. Common for many years in Middle Eastern and African diets, this core ingredient in Dr. Noodles not only provides a gluten and grain free option, but is high in fiber, protein and nutritional value.

And this is how Dr. Noodles by Brenda started, our non-GMO pasta made from garbanzo beans. Why is it so unique? It tastes and holds up just like real wheat pasta but is good for everyone!

Offering our products in some stores near our home in north central Wisconsin and in two years has grown too many grocery stores and co-ops in Wisconsin and Twin Cities Metro area.

As demand has grown it forced us to look at our business model to reach the entire country, with that we developed a new ecommerce website; www.drnoodlesbybrenda.com. In a heavily competitive market, Dr Noodles products ship free everywhere in the continental U.S.

There are dozens of gluten free pasta companies out there, the difference that Dr. Noodles provides is, taste, certified non-gmo, and organic.

Our products don’t just benefit those with celiac or gluten sensitive but also diabetics. Because of the high fiber content making the carbs complex it will generally not spike blood sugar, (always test after eating to check how it affects your blood sugar.)

Try the tastiest, healthiest, gluten free pasta made from garbanzo beans today! With the new business at her hands Dr. Brenda can return to the Joy of Cooking again.

Our motto, “Changing how the world eats, one noodle at a time.”

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Almond flour neutral flavor. Fiber protein nutritional value, viable non-grain flour,

Here is what some of our customers have to say:


“Hi Brenda, Just a note to let you know that this afternoon we bought your Fettuccine Pasta at The Linden Hills Coop in Minneapolis, and we made it tonight. IT WAS FANTASTIC !!! My wife Jody has become gluten free, and we haven't had pasta in quite a while. Your Pasta was so tasty, healthy, and well made that we will be buying lots more in the future. Thanks for the great pasta !!! Best Regards, Bill and Jody Minneapolis

I have tried so many different types of gluten free noodles. Not because I have to, but I do feel eating gluten free noodles just makes me feel better. I have tried different brands and different types such as rice, brown rice, black bean, quinoa, etc..I just had Dr. Noodles garbanzo bean noodles tonight. They are the best I have ever had and they are non GMO. I cannot wait to have my partner try these. He has been through a lot of taste test with me. His favorite is still the traditional semolina one but I think these will give those a run for their money. Thank you Brenda for my new favorite noodle.”

Jan Stevens Point, WI