Elbow Macaroni

Yes, you can have mac n cheese again This is our best seller.
Picture of Elbow Macaroni Eight-Pack
Elbow Macaroni Eight-Pack
Eight 9 Oz (255g) Boxes of Pasta
Delivery date: 1-2 days

This garbanzo bean based macaroni tastes just like real wheat pasta!! Yes, you can have mac n cheese again, and feel good. With all the fiber and protein it is very hearty and holds well. It is a great idea for cold salads, maybe the only gluten free pasta that doesn’t fall apart when stirred in cold salad or reheated!


What makes us different:

  • Dr. Noodles is not only gluten free but also grain free, the main ingredient is garbanzo bean flour

  • We are non-GMO, which means that all of our ingredients are NOT genetically modified

  • Dr. Noodles has no soy, dairy, or nuts

Ingredient list:

  • Non-GMO garbanzo bean flour

  • Non-GMO arrowroot starch/flour

  • Non-GMO xanthan gum

  • Organic eggs

All products sold as packages.


What do our customers say:

I have tried so many different types of gluten free noodles. Not because I have to, but I do feel eating gluten free noodles just makes me feel better. I have tried different brands and different types such as rice, brown rice, black bean, quinoa, etc..I just had Dr. Noodles garbanzo bean noodles tonight. They are the best I have ever had and they are non GMO. I cannot wait to have my partner try these. He has been through a lot of taste test with me. His favorite is still the traditional semolina one but I think these will give those a run for their money. Thank you Brenda for my new favorite noodle.”

Jan Stevens Point, WI